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Friday, October 6, 2017

History is not what you thought it was, is it?

History is nor what you or I thought it was?  What do you rhink?

2017 has been a busy year for me,  and it continues…I have presented  talks and seminars and workshops, published and launched a book, written and submitted several articles and, as well, I continue my volunteer role at the Kempsey Museum, and support the local community with their writing. In addition, in my role at the Kempsey Museum, I conduct research, write and submit grant supplications and more recently co-curated an exhibition with Julia Morrell at the Slim Dusty Museum. 
More info Noeline Kyle’s books and writing
 On my book Womens Business Midwives on the Mid North Coast of NSW
On my book  Nurses and Midwives in Australian History
On Women’s History
On my book Constance Kent and the Road Murder
There is a review of my book A Greater Guilt on Marion Diamond’s blog, oh well, there it is, the one book I wrote that is well outside my expertise is given a rather insipid  review…still at my age one cannot be  that fussed, I have written a lot of words, a lot of books and I have delivered many talks and workshops…I shall soldier on still doing it as people continue to ask me to do so, perhaps I am doing something right.;dn=288964248687897;res=IELAPA;subject=Law%20(General)

Let  me know if you find reviews or comments on my books or my talks as I am happy to know about  anything you find, whether negative or positive, on the internet.  I am compiling a list and hoping to draw something from the wisdom or not of others….

The quote is from 1066, and in full reads:

History is not what you thought it was. It is what you can remember!!  

Here is a pic from a recent exhibition, it is of a dressmaker Nelly Partridge who made many gowns for the women  of the Macleay Valley.  The Photograph is from her wedding during WW1 in England:

Nelly's story will be added soon.

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