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Monday, April 15, 2019

Creative Characters and Blazing Sunsets: Writing Family History

Creative Characters and Blazing Sunsets. Writing Family History

These days, with a plethora of information available on the internet, it’s become easy to collect your family history, find names, dates, and the places and anecdotes unique to your family history.
The challenge comes in having the confidence to shape this information, to build a narrative and write a family history that is credible, riveting and professional. Dr. Noeline Kyle will focus on using specific strategies to help you shape your family stories. Looking at ways of weaving memoir, biography and local history to enrich a family tale and ensure it is both an interesting read and a professional family history.
Mosman Library is one of my favourite libraries where local studies is valued, supported and highlighted in the collection. I have presented several workshops here in the past and look forward to catching up with the librarians and participants on 2 May.  
It is always a pleasure to listen to the family and local historians of our communities, to learn from them and share their amazing research and writing journey with them. 

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