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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Australia Day Challenge, family history across the seas....

 Family History Across the Seas has issued this dinkum challenge for Australia Day. So here goes........

A Ghost Gum, painting with light (well a torch actually held by a grandchild!)


My first ancestor to arrive in Australia was:

Joseph Butler – Neptune 1790

I have Australian Royalty (tell us who, how many and which Fleet they arrived with):

To date:

Joseph Butler – Neptune 1790 

Robert Hobbs – Active 1791  

Bridget Heslin (Eslin) – Sugarcane 1793  

Mary Holland – Indispensable 1796

Matthew Elkin – Indispensable 1796  

Mary Moss – Experiment 1804 

John Rose – Somersetshire 1814   

I’m an Aussie mongrel, my ancestors came to Oz from:

Scotland, Northern Ireland, Ireland, England

Did any of your ancestors arrive under their own financial steam?

Don’t think so; either convicts or assisted immigrants

How many ancestors came as singles?

7 convicts -  3 female, 3 male

Two young Kyle brothers from Tipperary, Henry and Michael in 1841

How many came as couples?

My great grandmother Mary Kirkpatrick, her husband Hugh and my grandfather David (Dave) then aged 11 months, from Belfast

How many came as family groups?


Did one person lead the way and others follow?

Not sure, there were Kirkpatricks in the colony but none  related to mine, and my NSW Kyles seem rare and unrelated to others in Victoria and Qld.

What’s the longest journey they took to get here?

7 months, Bridget Heslin on the Sugarcane, all Irish convicts

Did anyone make a two-step emigration via another place?


Which state(s)/colony did your ancestors arrive?


Did they settle and remain in one state/colony?

Yes mostly

Did they stay in one town or move around?

Moved but not far

Do you have any First Australians in your tree?

Not sure

Were any self-employed?

Yes all were, farmers

What occupations or industries did your earliest ancestors work in?

Farming, timber sawyers, midwifery, laundry owners (Sydney), butchers, teamster

Does anyone in the family still follow that occupation?


Did any of your ancestors leave Australia and go “home”?

Not sure, Hugh Kirkpatrick disappeared after her and Mary separated in 1890, and we haven’t found him, perhaps he went home?


What’s your State of Origin?


Do you still live there?


Where was your favourite Aussie holiday place as a child?

Did not go on holiday, it was the 1940s and we lived in the bush


Any special place you like to holiday now?

 I like Ireland (if I can get there), also the Top End

Share your favourite spot in Oz:

Nulla Nulla Creek, Upper Macleay the places of my childhood  - surrounded  by the Oxley Wild Rivers National Park, New England National Park Carrai State Forest, Willi Willi National Park, Collombatti State Forest, Ballengarra State Forest, Pee Dee State Forest and much more–

Any great Aussie adventure you’ve had?


Probably Kadadu…


What’s on your Australian holiday bucket list?

The Kimberleys, Tassie again and maybe the Ghan someday, and some good photographic holidays possibly Italy, the Rockies, or .........

How do you celebrate Australia Day?


 Well that's me, why don't you do the challenge, Family History Across the Seas

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  1. Noeline, I didn't that you were blogging so regularly. PLeased to see you iin the blogisphere. I'm now following you in my RSS feed so I won't miss another post.

    Look forward to catching up and learning from you on the cruise.