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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Latest update for the 4th Unlock the Past Cruise

The latest news from the 4th Unlock the Past Cruise:
The list of bloggers for the cruise is now a whopping 14!!  Here they are:

Blogs, newsletters, etc. – if you expect to blog or otherwise report on the cruise (before, during or after) please let us know so we can add you to the list below. Here are those we know of.
And the latest update from Alan Phillips and the Unlock the Past Team:

Onshore genealogy/history related activities and places to visit

Many of you no doubt will do tours offered by Royal Caribbean in the various ports we visit. For those not doing these we have put together a list of (and information on) the most likely genealogy/history related things to do and places to visit. If several are interested in visiting a particular place we can help coordinate groups to go by taxi or public transport where available.

We have listed these on the itinerary page of the cruise website. We have also set up a short survey to help you plan and help us organise groups to get to places of interest.

Other surveys still open

Apologies for the flurry of surveys, but this is the best and easiest way to get good information to make this cruise the best we can. We have had a fairly good response so far, but it is helpful to get as many as we can.

  • Research interests survey – we are offering this for the first time since the first cruise by popular request. By submitting your research interests, who knows? You may find someone with a common interest with whom you can connect. It happened on the first cruise. To submit your interest click here.
  • Cruise topics survey – this can help you plan, and help us allocate the right rooms. Click here to do the topics survey. It should take about 10-15 minutes to complete - a great way to start your cruise session planning. A few workshop sessions will be limited to a maximum of 25 people. It is probable that we will be under that for most, but if we get more than that number interested, those who have chosen the sessions concerned in the survey (and have given their name) will be given precedence.

Useful cruising information

Several experienced cruisers have compiled some great blogs with useful information. Check out UTP cruises in the media. Some recent ones with good practical advice are:

If you have questions about other practicalities of going on a cruise there are two places you can put your query:

  • the Unlock the Past Cruises Facebook page – you are likely to get responses from experienced cruisers. This is where quick updates may be given from time to time.
  • the next cruise newsletter – we will compile a list of frequently asked questions with responses. If you have a particular question you would like answered drop us an email to ensure we included the benefit of all –

Two new cruise related videos

Do you know about the Unlock the Past YouTubesite? During the last week we put up two new videos relating to the 4th cruise. Each of these has had over 100 views in the first few days.

  • Chris Paton in Australia February 2014  - Chris as you will know is one the lead presenters on the cruise as well as seminars in seven cities around Australia. He has supplied us this 5 minute introduction - Click here to see and hear Chris
  • Genealogy cruising with Unlock the Past - last Tuesday, 14 January – this is a one hour recording of the first Unlock the Past Hangout on Air. Some of the speakers and cruise activities were introduced and a number of practical questions answered. Click here to see the recorded video of the hangout. A number of questions were answered in the text log of the hangout on this page

Other news

  • Bloggers – we have probably the largest assembly genealogy bloggers ever at an Australian event. These are listed on the program page of the website. If you have a blog and are likely to do the cruise blog, before during or after the cruise, we would love to list you here. Please email Jill has asked me to let you know that she will provide blogger beads for those on board who have a blog
  • Cruise documents – these were posted out over several days during the last week. Some have already been received. The rest should be received over the next few days
  • Geneareaders circle – Jill has asked you to bring a book or two on board if you wish to share in this session. For more information on this see Presentations page of the cruise website
  • Presentation outlines – have you checked out the summaries of talks offered by our speakers? Most of our speakers have given handy short summaries of the talks to help you plan what to attend. If you are a speaker, and have not yet submitted an outline it would be helpful if you can do so soon. 
  • First day – it is expected that boarding will take place throughout the afternoon of 4 February. We expect to have a registration table and gathering point set up in the conference room on Deck 2. It is likely you will want to find your room first. Your checked baggage may or may not be delivered when you first go to your room. You will no doubt want to explore the ship, but please look us up in the conference centre which you will need to locate soon anyway to pick up your nametags and other goodies offered to our group. The conference centre and small theatre where our cruise sessions will take place – except the opening and closing sessions, which will take place in Cleopatra's Needle on Deck 5.

More cruise information

Just 17 days to go!

Alan Phillips and the Unlock the Past team

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