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Friday, March 1, 2019

Basic Principles for researching and writing about your women ancestors

Over the next few days and weeks I aim to post some of the basic ideas I have gathered over my many years of researching and writing about women.

To begin don't forget to learn from the success of others.  Many researchers and writers have gone before you and a search of the local library and online sources will get your started.

Learn from the success of others

Study how other researchers go about their searches. A golden rule for researching your women ancestors is to search everywhere, ask everyone and look in every possible repository, directory, search engine, website or networking site – think laterally, use wildcard terms for your searches and approach your data from every possible viewpoint.

Here is a list of books and websites to get you started.  Women and Family History
My website has several lists on women including re convicts, work, crime, immigrant and education.  You are welcome to visit and download these.

This is a photograph of my maternal  great great grandmother Mary Ann Partridge (nee Everson) with her daughters and grandchildren.

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